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June 29 2018

Life is short folks and Tempus Fugit too!

This is not a rehearsal.. it’s LIFE – NOW!  And it soon passes.

Here below, is an audio I made this morning.

Recently a friend of mine committed suicide after faithfully following the false teaching of a book called “The Course on Miracles.” I tried many times to sway him, no dice.

After absorbing the teachings of the course on miracles, he decided that he WAS God. Yeah, really! Then he decided he could walk though a frieght train, unscathed.

So  he mentioned to a friend that he COULD go onto the railway tracks, and stand in front of a freight train without any danger of dying.  “The train would pass right through me.” he said.

Days later, they found his mangled corpse by the tracks, after his experiment didn’t work. He’s gone.

I believe that any ‘spiritual’ teaching, that encourages a guy to commit suicide, is not good teaching.

He was much loved and will be missed. Now he knows the truth. The deception is over. His life was cut short. He was in great shape, and died too young.

Tens of thousands are following this same cult teaching, THE COURSE ON MIRACLES. It sounds so nice, but it’s poisonous, BAD teaching. It’s deadly.

They teach that sin doesn’t exist, and therefore, nobody needs a Saviour. The death of Jesus was certainly not needed, and he was never crucified on a cross.

If the history of mankind has taught us anything, it is the FACT that there did exist a historical Jesus, and he did die on a cross, and, after three days, he WAS RESURRECTED.

People today are so woefully ignorant of the Gospel Facts, it’s crazy.  They are easily deceived by devilish teachers, and sometimes, it kills them. Here is an tape of me talking about this for 30 minutes.

I remind you that I am no bible scholar, just a guy who knows Jesus personally and loves Him, and needs to share about his great love for humanity. I pray it may bless you!




This is where I share my faith. I will produce content that attempts to explain life, after meeting Jesus. Jesus loves me, and you too! Sounds real simple. Guess what? It is

We are called to BE the message, be the hands and feet of Jesus, to a lost and hurting world, the best we can, one day at a time in our own small but significant way.

This section of my site is not for everybody, for sure, I get that.

This is for those that are believers in Jesus Christ.

June 14 2018; A little encouragement for my friends that believe in Jesus Christ… below.


Thanks for listening! More will be added as the days and weeks roll past.