New Start – Reboot

Hey readers, I have changed things around here.  I am creating a new blog for Canadian Coffee House News. My previous blog is being reset on a different platform, and you can contact me for the new location.. once it is established.

So the plan for now is to write about Canadian music as I find it, in the coffee house scene. We’ll typically meet musicians who play for the love of music, some who want to make it their career of it, and those in between.

I live in the North Okanagan region of British Columbia, and withing 20 miles I have discovered a dozen or more music venues where even a start up musician can play with a live audience. I hope to travel to other areas too, and send in interesting reports.

These venues are in constant flux of course, and that’s okay. I will try to talk about individuals who operate the coffee houses and post their web site links, so that even if the venue does move, you’ll be able to track down someone who has updated info.

Mainly, I will take photos and video clips of various artists that I meet along my path.

I hope to meet some new musical friends, and play some tunes, and enjoy the road.

Amazing talent – Chris Stevens – Eagle Bay Coffee House, 4th Saturday of each month.

20170325_183144.jpgEagle Bay Community Hall hosts a coffee house on the fourth day of each month in winter. The performers get fifteen minutes of three songs. There are from 6 to 15 musical acts per night, mainly acoustic music. Average attendance is 40 people and coffee is available with baking treats. Well organize folks do a great job.