Small Axe Cafe in Enderby B.C.

Thursday Night Jams @ The Small Axe Bistro.

Now here’s a cool live music venue to enjoy.

Located in Enderby by the river, next to the bridge.

The new owners have an awesome menu, and a very cool atmosphere.

They have other live music during the week and then, Thursday Jams.

Ari Lantela, one half of the very popular duo called CHICKEN LIKE BIRDS
hosts the jam. He is very friendly and makes it easy for newbies to come and play.

Video Clip from The Small Axe June 7th 2018 featuring the music of Ari Lantela.

The menu in the Small Axe Bistro, runs from mexican to spicy burgers and incredible salads. Full licence, so the party is on.

Starts around 7 and runs till whenever.. midnight.

A great place to meet other musicians and team up.

Ari has a small Yamaha Passport PA and his guitar amp.

He will let you play his acoustic.

Here is a taste of the room… from June 7 2018.


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