Sunnybrae Coffee House

Photo May 2018, shows new addition under construction to Sunnybrae Hall.

The Sunnybrae Coffee House is held in the Sunnybrae Community Hall.

Admission is 3 bucks. Musicians free. Coffee and cookies by donation.

50/50 draw at half time.  Half the money goes to the winner, and half to the featured band for gas, (could be up to 100. bucks ). The guest performers may also sell their CDs at the door.

The volunteers here are organized, and this place runs like a clock. Top notch. If your act is on the road, and you need to fill a date, contact these people for sure. They’re awesome, and always willing to greet someone new. (Contact info below.)

Musicians must arrive by 6.30 pm to get onto the list. Sometimes you get 3 songs to sing and sometimes 2 songs. Often, you can’t even get on the list.

Recently the seniors at the Sunnybrae Seniors Hall next door, offers up a bowl of home made chili con carne for 6 bucks, before the show. That’s a handy feed, and fun.

After the half time break, the featured act gets a 40 minute set. Then there’s room for 3 or 4 more musicians to play.

Just a short clip of a sound I love;  the Tappalacian String Band.

Sunnybrae Coffee House in Sunnybrae BC has been operating on the second Saturday of each month, for who knows how long 20 years?

Photos from Saturday Dec 9, 2017

This coffee-house venue is the top of the food chain for live local music here in the Shuswap. The sound for the audience and for the musicians, is perfect. You can hear a pin drop when you’re on stage. Ergo, you can hear your instruments and your voice as well.

Too many of these community halls have no floor monitors, bad acoustics, and horrible dead zones on stage. Then again, there are many venues that really care, and they set up floor speakers which point back at the artist so he can hear. Coldstream Coffee-House for example, is awesome, and it’s a pleasure to play there. They even have a stage manager who sets up everything the way you want it.

If  you can’t hear yourself on stage, you must perform by memory. It’s a bad experience. It’s double frustration, because the audience doesn’t get it. “We can hear you perfectly” they say, “What’s your problem?”

Sunnybrae’s audience is the best. They listen to every note, and hang on every lyric, dead still and quiet while you perform. That is respect! Whether you make a few mistakes, or get it right, they will come up after your set and encourage you to continue.

Most players are pretty well accomplished, but some are beginners. On an average night, you will hear eight to twelve acts, over and above the feature set. For three bucks, this is an extraordinary offering of talent and entertainment. The audience is usually around 80 to 100 people.

No electric instruments is the rule. They have one microphone on stage, Bluegrass style. Everyone stands back a piece, 3 or 4 feet from the mic. When it’s your turn to solo, you can lean into the mic.

Do not bring your electric stuff. This is an acoustic room.

Do not bring your drums, unless it’s an Irish drum or native drum.

(Occasionally the feature act may electrify something, quietly, but it is frowned upon.)

These old halls are well suited to one mic that picks up everything. It’s a bluegrass thing. Many players have never seen this. They don’t get it.  There should always be a stage manager to explain it to them. Experienced intelligent musicians who know something about sound. These are rare in a volunteer run coffee-house..

In most coffee houses, as the musician, you can expect a less than glorious audio equipment experience. Sunnybrae Coffee House however, after 20 years, has it down to a science. It is operated by seasoned musicians, and they know what they are doing! You’re gonna love it.

Like most Shuswap coffee-house venues, Sunnybrae Coffee-House is closed through the summer months.

Sunnybrae Community Hall
3595 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Rd
Tappen BC V0E 2X1
Phone: 250-835-2199

Cheers. jjb

(disclaimer – this info can change at any time. Please e-mail me if I have made a mistake, or if something has changed. I will fix it. Thanks!)

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