Shuswap Country Estates BBQ

Shuswap Country Estates BBQ

This is one venue that is by invitation only, and pays well, by feeding you!

Shuswap Country Estates BBQ.

Lots of great cooks in this crowd. There was an amazing chocolate cake with the mandatory vanilla ice cream. Wonderful.  We played old gospel bluegrass. 20180527_042544
Don Baum (L), Harold (Wildman) Pudwell, on fiddle was new comer Brenda Chambers.

We started at 4pm and played till dinner was served. 5.30. It was a success cause it was fun. Thanks to all who cooked, those that ate, and those who helped me to entertain.

That’s all for now. Weather this week has been wonderful.. just a little cool, some sun, and sweet breezes.

I am finally recovering from a nasty winter of record setting cold temperatures and snowfall. It’s crazy extreme weather in BC. May 2018 was the hottest on record, and now June is cool. Crazy! But I appreciate it all.

Sunnybrae Rd, high water.

Message_1526755511686View from my deck facing north towards Blind Bay.

20180525_055416_HDRMy view from the deck.

So now you know. I wear a tin foil hat! Hahahah But really? I hate chem trails. disgusting.

20160926_083003Clouds roll down into the valleys between the mountains.

High water on the Shuswap in Sunnybrae.

Ok that’s it. Have a great day!


Contact me if you wanna play this gig next time!


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