You Must be Born Again

Hello! Good morning friends.

(The photo is me, falling asleep at the coffee house between sets.)

Many are called, but few are chosen.

Who is chosen? You are!

Now you can CHOOSE Jesus!

If you believe in your heart, that Jesus is the son of God, you can be born again.

The first time, you were born from your mother. This time, you can be born of the Spirit.

“Jesus, I believe you are the son of God!”

That’s it! That is the beginning of a new start for you.

A new start! A new life for you!

Old things are passed away. Everything is new!

God loves you! He is crazy about you! He wants to BE with you, inside you.

Talk to Jesus right now. He is right there. He wants to be your friend.

Wow! What a trip man!

Ok.. now ‘Click’ this link below, to hear me talk about Jesus!




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