Believer’s Authority # 9

(Feature photo is of Lee in Calgary. Lee is a musician in a gospel rock duo.)

Hey thanks for dropping in!

Thanks to Lee, Daniel T, Ev, Stu and Joe Funaro for positive comments on yesterday’s podcast.

Today I got through 4 paragraphs on page 15, lesson 2 of Believer’s Authority by Andrew Wommack. . This chapter is called, “Whom He May Devour.”

I just talked about Romans 6:16.  It’s all about the idea, the WE CHOOSE who we wanna serve.

If we choose to sin and do wrong, then we are choosing to serve the devil. Sinning pleases him. That’s a brutal thought. I wanna serve God, not the devil.

If we choose to serve God, we are choosing to serve God. That’s a good thought. I wanna use all my energy here on this rock, to do good, and serve God! Woohoo!

This concept, of choosing our boss, (the good one or the bad one), is so simple.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
James  4 vs 7.

So, I choose to serve God today.  I choose LIFE!

This decision, makes it super easy for me to walk away from temptation. It makes it easy for me to RESISTS THE DEVIL.

If I resist the devil.. even for a few seconds, he runs away from me, quick.  Yes!  He’s such a looser.

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