Believer’s Authority 6

This audio got cut near the end. It’s a shame cause I really got rolling. Hahahah

Seems lately, when I get preaching good, my electronics fry. Oh well. That won’t slow me down.

Last week I was praying for a woman on the phone, and a light in my hallway exploded and the glass cover shattered. What a mess.

The week before, when I did the podcast, I was praying for healing for my listeners, the entire computer crashed big time. Took me two hours to get her back on line.

In any event, I pray that these bible studies on the Believer’s Authority will prick your ears up. We believers should be able to demonstrae the full power of God everywhere we go. Matt 10 ; 1. “Signs and wonders SHALL FOLLOW  those that believe.”: Mark 16

If you get the word of God inside you, you can have whatsoever things you say. (Just dont be asking for a new Caddie with some women of the evening and a bag of dope.) Don’t “ask amiss”.

Jesus in King! Have an awesome day. Get the WORD OF GOD into your soul!

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