Believer’s Authority # 5

Today’s audio file is pretty short.

I started Lesson 2 – “Whom he may devour.”

In a nutshell, Andrew teaches that if you are living IN SIN, well then you outta be aware, that you are serving the author of sin. Satan. You are serving Satan.

If you are living righteously, then you are serving God.

Each way of living comes with a pay check, guaranteed.

James said that God is not mocked. You shall reap what you sew. You ain’t fooling anyone.

  1. If you sin, you serve the devil who wrote the book on sin, and your pay check is death.

2. If you live righteous, then you are serving the Lord, and your pay check will be peace and life.

So give this file a quick listen if you wanna know more.

(Yes, the gloves are coming off already. It may be time for some of us to grow up.)




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