Believer’s Authority # 3

We’re in a spiritual Battle.

God uses people and circumstances to influence our lives for the good, while we live on this rock.

Satan of course, tries to counterfeit all the true works of God, to influence people with his evil motives. He wants to kill steal, and destroy everything in God’s beautiful creation. He works through people and circumstances too, to achieve his ends.

We, being full of the Spirit of God, must first discern what’s going on, figure out WHO is talking to us, and act accordingly to enforce God’s victory over evil, in the here and now.

Don’t worry, it’s not too tough, especially when you realize that Satan is under our boot heel. We have total authority over all of Satan’s influence and over all his lies.

That is what this teaching is really all about – The Authority of God, working through YOU,  the Believer to have an awesome life yourself, and to bless others by setting them free.

What a great journey! God is so good. He didn’t leave us on this planet to suffer torment – He gave us everything we need to live this life and to succeed in being Godly.

(Music at the end – by the amazing Joe Louis Walker)

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