Believer’s Authority #1

Good morning, and Happy New Year to all!

I have decided to go through Andrew Wommack’s “The Believer’s Authority” bible study guide – –

It covers some of .. “What you didn’t learn in church”.

I have studied with Andrew since 2007. My good friend and brother Rick in Lafleche Saskatchewan turned me onto his teaching and it changed my life.

So every day, I’ll go through this study, one page or two at a time. I hope you’ll give me some feedback, and if I can, I’ll try to answer questions.

Knowing ‘WHO’ we are in Christ is essential.

Knowing “WHAT WE HAVE” in Christ is equally important.

With these two understandings, we will also discover..

‘WHAT WE CAN DO’, in Christ.

And so, we begin. Click the link below to hear the audio.

You may or may not ‘connect’ with my personality or my way of explaining things.

No worries.

I realize already that I am not a good teacher.

If my style of teaching don’t float your boat, just go to Andrew’s web site directly. He is an amazing teacher.

So.. here is today’s file.


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