Go, Heal the Sick

I’m going to say something here, that will stun your mind for a few seconds. Then I am going to say it again.

Note: This is only for those who are ‘Born Again’. You know who you are.

If you have believed on Jesus Christ, this is for you.

You have been given something. It’s yours. But you must ‘receive it”.

Every born again believer in Jesus Christ HAS THIS..

Wait for it..

You have the power to heal all sickness and all disease.

.. Now I am gonna repeat it.

YOU have the power to heal ALL sickness and ALL disease.

Yes this it true.. I tried it, I found it to be true.

Yes it is a shock to know that!

Jesus himself said it, so just receive it with faith, in your heart.

Your big ole brain will have trouble with this, but that’s OK.

Tell the doubt and unbelief to shut up.

Now you can listen to me, trying to explain Matt 10.1 and Luke 9:1.

It’s not easy.


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