A Nothing Burger plus a Party!

My last blog was pretty much a nothing burger.

I had accompanied the text with a long drawn out audio rant about BEING JESUS, and after listening to it, I deleted it, like so many others.

I suck at trying to explain stuff on audio.

In any event, I’m back to talk about a king’s wedding feast that I read in Matthew Ch 22.

The King sent out invitations to all the regular upper class people that would normally attend a royal wedding, but all those that were invited, scoffed and laughed at the invitation, and made up poor excuses as to why they couldn’t attend.

One says he has to comb his hair.. another has to watch his favorite TV show, and yet another says he has to go and see a car that he wants to buy. Poor excuses all.

Not only do they ‘dis’ the king, they actually beat up the couriers that delivered the invitations, and even kill some of them!

Oops…  Now the king is really pissed. He sends out some troops to kill those that turned down his royal invite, and went so far as to burn their cities to the ground.

We outta be careful about insulting and embarrassing people in high places.

Anyways, then the king, who’s feast was ready to roll, sent out his servants again to bring in anyone they could find.  There must be some guests at his son’s wedding.

They grab some street people, some drug addicts, a few hookers, and any bum they can find loitering on the street. The king’s celebration finally has guests filling the chairs, some good and some ugly, but they’re breathing.


So, what is the meaning of this parable?

Hmm..well…  God has given us the gift of salvation through His son Jesus, who suffered horribly and died for us.

We are all invited to become sons of God, and to share in the riches and glory of God for eternity. But we make excuses.

Many are invited, but few show up. The Jews got the offer of salvation first but they just scoffed and killed Jesus, the messenger.

Then God goes to the gentiles to invite them to the feast… but they scoff as well.

In the end, a pretty shabby group of unlikely candidates are seated at the table. That’s me, a shabby un-religious guy, but I’m grateful to have a seat at this amazing banquet.

Ephesians says I was made a king and a priest. I was made the righteousness of God in Christ. I was adopted for His good pleasure. I am called blameless now.  I am chosen to become a saint, and a manifested son of God. Whoa!

Absolutely amazing. Stunning. Dazzling. Wanna hear me talk for a short podcast?

Nah, it’s not great.  It’s just me rambling.


kings feast



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