Be Jesus Here and Now!

This concept is difficult.  How can a human being, BE JESUS?

Well, this is the question that God has asked me to explain to my readers.

I would have preferred an easier job.

For example, I could have easily explained how to be LIKE JESUS.

But for me to explain how to BE Jesus..  wow, that’s tough.

It gets people up in arms right away, especially the religious Christians, who wouldn’t know Jesus if they tripped over him.

After all, Jesus is a stumbling block, and always has been since the very start.

Jesus claimed to do the works of God, and speak the words of God, and even to BE GOD. This upset all the religious people of His day. In fact, they wanted to kill Him. Well, they eventually did kill Him.

Now here I am, claiming that I do the works of Jesus, and speak the words of Jesus, and even to be Jesus to this world.

John 14;12 Jesus told me that if I believe that He is IN God, and God is IN Him, that I could do the works that He was doing. I believe it. I’ve seen it.

But then I take it one step further, I claim that, not only to DO the works that Jesus did, but I claim to BE JESUS to this world,  AND,  I encourage all true believers to do the same.

So,  I can see how those boring, gutless, powerless, so called “Christians”, would be offended. But here’s the thing; I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, they are dead. They can argue among themselves. I don’t care.

As for me, I’m out there healing the sick, raising the dead, and setting the captives free. I have the evidence in my daily life. Mark said that true believers would have signs and wonders follow them. That’s me.

I don’t even like to call myself a Christian, cause I hate what most Christians do. They act religious, and deny the power of Christ. What good is being a powerless Christian? It’s useless. It’s like salt that isn’t salty.

So, I just prefer to ignore them, and their whole trip. I prefer to DEMONSTRATE the full power of God, as the Spirit guides and teaches me.

I step out of my house in the morning, and I “AM JESUS” to this world. Talk like this can get a guy locked up! Hahahaha… the devil would love that! But I’d keep on being Jesus in the hospital too!

Anyways folks, I realize this is a tough one to get your mind around, and I apologize. But it’s so cool to be able to BE JESUS, that I just had to try one more time to explain it.

Imagine a ‘new age’ guy, who says that he ‘channels’ a spirit. I guess you could say that I am joined with a Spirit.. the Holy Spirit, and you might say that I channel it.

Did I help you to understand this? I hope so.



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