God has a Beautiful Mind

Hey welcome to my blog.

Last night I had the privilege of playing music and visiting with many musical friends in Enderby. It was a deeply satisfying evening.

No, it wasn’t a religious gathering of people doing Gospel music, it was just people from many walks of life, all connected with a love for music.

God created music. God put that music inside us. Then He pours it out with lively rhythm from each drum, guitar and stand up bass.

The music, poetry, and spoken verse was diverse and wonderful, but the true beauty was found in the individuals themselves. I had several brief close encounters face to face.

I saw something that I had overlooked all my life. I saw beauty in the life that was shining from the people themselves.

Some knew Jesus, and they shined brightly. Some didn’t know Him, and they shone too.

God has given everyone a unique human spirit that animates their body and soul, and shines. Why does it shine?  Why is each one spectacular in beauty?

Because God created each and every one, in His own image.


Even the poor homeless person who begs on the street corner demonstrates the creative genius of God.

Each one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made,  to look just like Him.Each one of equal value.

Jesus made a way for every single one of us.

Jesus IS that way.

Go and BE JESUS,
touch every soul you meet today.


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