Blame God for Everything

It seems nuts to have to remind people – even church people, that God is good. He give us good things, and no bad things. What?  That’s right. The bible tells us clearly that all good things come from God, all bad things come from.. wait for it… THE DEVIL!

But you probably figure the Devil doesn’t exist. That’s because he is a trickster, a liar, and a total deceiver. He’s got Christians believing that God kills people for making mistakes. He convinces people that God hands out deadly cancers! What a liar.

The Devil is the one who kills, steals, and destroys lives. But what is the Devil’s best lie?

Andrew Wommack says that the “Extreme Sovereignty Doctrine” is one of the most harmful teachings in today’s church. “This is the Devil’s slickest trick, to attribute everything to God, good and evil.”, he says. (That’s my poor paraphrase).

Andrew Wommack is a wonderful teacher and is able to make things very clear. Here is a good example of Andrew’s work. click here

God does not initiate “everything” that happens on earth, nor does God punish people today by taking the leash off the Devil so he can attack you with poverty, misery death and sickness. What a lie!

God good and devil bad

Bible clearly teaches that Jesus came to bring life, and the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy.

God good – devil bad.

Thinking that God has given your child cancer, is crazy. Thinking that God caused your divorce, is crazy. Thinking that God caused you to go bankrupt, is crazy.  And yet, often times, that’s what a ‘good’ Christian might tell you.

But that’s wrong, dead wrong.

God good

God is the author of love, peace, abundance, devine health, and joy. God brings light and love to our lives.

Satan is the one that brings death, sickness, pain, illness, violence, poverty, and darkness.

What is wrong with us?  Let’s get it straight!

If you wanna hear me try to explain how I see this, in a rambling, unorganized, and long winded audio presentation, click the file below.

Remember, I’m no bible scholar, and no great speaker. It’s just me… trying to help.




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