Be Jesus to the World Around You

Looking at the selfie above, that I shot a few days ago, I gotta say, hey Jerry, you’re looking good. This body of mine is finally shaping up, getting stronger, and my dog Daisy looks happy too.

Being Jesus to the world? Yes, that project is ongoing. Bible says that because I believe Jesus is Lord of all, that I am joined to the Lord,  and I am one Spirit with Him. Wow.
(1 Corinthians 6:17)

So it’s not something I turn on and off, it’s who I am.

I AM ‘one’ Spirit with Jesus.  Whatever room I walk into, I am the highest and strongest spiritual force present in that room.

I know that this sounds arrogant and conceited, but is it?

Nope. I am joined to the Lord, and he that is joined to the Lord, is one Spirit.

The same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, lives inside me, and I am joined to it, and so,  I am ONE SPIRIT WITH GOD.

It’s certainly not about me. It’s about God almighty, who is of course, Jesus Christ.

He lives inside me, and His spirit is joined with mine, and that spirit expresses itself, through me.

I am a host. You might say that I  ‘channel’  the Spirit of Christ, because my spirit is joined to His Spirit.

I am in fact ONE SPIRIT with Christ.  So, that’s pretty awesome!

Recently a friend named Jon, got offended by this notion, though he is a believer in Jesus as well, and I’ve known him for decades. We are friends.... but..

When I shared this concept with him, that I am indeed ONE SPIRIT WITH GOD, it offended him deeply. He called me egotistical and arrogant, and a few other derogatory things.

Oh I get it.” he sneered sarcastically, “you’re Mr. spiritual now!” Clearly, he doesn’t get it.

I understand his dismay, that his old buddy Jerry is claiming to Be Jesus To This World. He knows that I have messed up in the past, and lived according to the lust of this world.

But unlike God, who calls me blameless, (Eph 1:4) and no longer is able to remember my sin, (Hebrews 8:12),  Jon remembers them well.

God loves me, He has forgiven me, and He says, I will remember your sins no more.” (Hebrews 8:12).  The blood of Jesus was sufficient for all of us.

If someone else doesn’t like me, I couldn’t frankly give a rip; God likes me.

Jerry has been changed. I got back to my serious devotions in 2006, and have dedicated myself to a deeper understanding of the freedom and liberty that the Bible says I have, and by the grace of God, I am a new man.

So Jon called me a few names in his anger and frustration, I understood that. But I will never go back to the self-image that the “evangelical church” laid on me, so long ago. The guilt and shame of the past, has no place on my soul. Jesus died to set me free of that, and I am free indeed, (John 8;36).

From the start, when I was 20 years old and I gave my life to Christ, and I made him Lord.  I knew that I was a true manifested son of God, but I got severely criticized for believing that.

The religious people in church told me I was wrong to think I could be ONE WITH GOD. And yet the scripture clearly told me that I was.

So I got dragged along the surface of this planet from decade to decade, through a marriage with a fake Christian that went bad, a business failure, an academic decade, and many other egotistical diversions.

I was trying to live the Christian life with no power… ‘having a form of godliness but denying its power. (Tim 3:5)

I had the power inside me, and even spoke in tounges (evidence of recieving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost – 1 Cor 14:5),  but got convinced by some scum bags in the church, to deny it. I was afraid they wouldn’t like me, so I did what they told me to do.

But it just didn’t work out.

The devil used them to derail my spiritual destiny with their false teaching, Years later, through many hardships, I rediscovered my true faith in God.

Jesus has changed me from a powerless carnal Christian living in bondage to sin, into a manifested son of God, a child of the day who walks in the light, with the full power of Christ himself.

The miraculous teachings of Jesus in the four Gospels, transformed me. The Word is the power unto salvation.

It’s been a long road, one day at a time, and it has not been easy. The hardest part for me is trying to explain who I am now, to old friends who knew me then.

If you read this blog regularly, like the other two people, then you must see me struggle trying to explain and teach what it means to BE ONE SPIRIT with God.

Sometimes I see the wisdom in NOT trying to explain. It’s easier to just demonstrate instead.

But, strangely, even if I lay hands on someone, and tell the cancer to go, and it dies.. and it goes… the patient does NOT necessarily ‘get saved’ or believe on Jesus Christ.  They will often adamently deny that God has healed them.

They may even continue taking Chemotherapy, even though the symptoms and the lumps are gone!  What? Yes, and some of them have died from the Chemo.  So sad.

Their refusal to accept Jesus Christ as God always astounds me.. and it is because they have hardened their hearts towards the things of God. They get a real miracle right before their eyes, but still deny.

Two years ago, Gary had a lump on his left rib cage, the size of a small apple. Doctor did a scan and declared he had stage four cancer.

Gary was a close friend, though he did not like it when I spoke of Jesus. It offended him so I kept quiet.

This devilish lump stuck out of his chest like a soft ball.  Then Gary ‘allowed’ me to minister life to him, and the lump disappeared in three days.

Gary’s doctor said that he didn’t like that at all. He insisted that Gary take a huge dose of chemo, “just in case”..  Gary died quickly after the third dose of Chemo.

Note: Gary died of Chemo poisoning, not of cancer. Jesus had healed him of cancer. He refused to recognize an obvious miracle. It was in his face.. and he ignored it.

If nothing else, we know that Chemo will kill a person quick, especially if they don’t have cancer. Gary had no cancer cells left in his body, but got tons of Chemo, and it killed him.

He refused to believe that he was healed. He even mocked me as being ‘some kind of faith healer’.

Gary was wrong. I am much more than simple faith healer. I am even more than a simple human. I am a true believer in Jesus Christ.

Because of that fact, I am a manifested son of God.
(John Ch 1;12)

Because of that fact, I can do EVERYTHING that Christ did and more
(John 12;12)

Because of that fact,  I AM JESUS TO THIS WORLD! “As he is, so are we in this world.”
(1 John 4:17)

I have super powers that manifest out through my body, because of the compassion Jesus Christ has for the sick and the lost. He operates directly through my physical body.

If you are a “Christian” like my old pal Jon, and you don’t like what I am saying?


I am strong now, and no powerless, gutless, so called Christian is gonna make me stop now, not like when I was twenty years old.

Step out of my way punk, I’m coming through – In Jesus Name!

You refuse to believe the scriptures? How’s that working out for you.

Being a pew warmer is about as exciting as watching paint dry. It’s useless.

My life is beautiful! I am empowered by Christ!

I get to witness the mercy and power of God daily.

The deaf hear, the blind see and the lame walk. Cancer and heart disease have to flee!

Jesus can do, and does do, whatever he wants through me. It’s awesome.

And all I had to do was believe.  Jesus said it,


Yes, it is that easy.



2 thoughts on “Be Jesus to the World Around You

  1. Excellent as usual JJB. I really appreciate this blog my Brother! The American Medical Association was set up by “Devil” Bill Rockefeller. Satan is running this world (and has been since before Jesus time) and it’s pretty damn obvious for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. God Bless you all.


  2. Satan doesn’t run me, and he has absolutely no authority over anything, any longer. Here’s how that works out.
    1) God made Adam and gave him Dominion over all the earth. (Gen 2) That means man ran ‘everything’; all the animal life – the weather – the plant life – the sea life – all.

    2) Then satan (no caps for him) deceived Eve and Adam, bringing into question God’s Word. They disobeyed the only rule God had (don’t eat the fruit of THAT tree.) But even then God walked in the evening with Adam; but by not trusting God, mankind had opened the door to lies and deception of satan. That’s the moment the trouble began. (Note to self – Trust God in all things!)

    3) Then after 2,000 years of the prophecies of a coming Saviour for mankind, a Messiah, God found a righteous woman (tho she wasn’t perfect), and Jesus was born. He was a half breed. Half human, and half God. Jesus was born of the will of God, not of the will of a man.

    4) Then after 3.5 years of incredible teaching, preaching, and miracles, Jesus at age 33, gets tortured, and crucified, nailed to a wooden cross, (though they found him totally innocent or any crime). Yes, satan had inspired the authorities and the people to turn against him and murder him. Satan thought he was pretty smart doing this. But oh what a foolish mistake, for it was the defeat of his rule over mankind.

    5) Jesus was the exact representation of God in the flesh (Hebrews), and he was the perfect sacrifice to pay for all the sins of mankind, past present and even future. When they cut him, His blood ran out into the earth, and washed away every sin.

    6) Jesus set us free from sin, free from the lust that surged in our flesh, free from the demand of a sinful nature that made us cry out for selfishness and greed and self centered actions. For those who believe on Jesus, they got translated out of darkness into His glorious light! Those that refuse to believe (cause believing is a choice) they are already condemned.

    7) Now all who believe in Jesus as the only Messiah, are set free from all sin and get everything that Paul talks about in Ephesians. We are no longer condemned by the sin of Adam, and we are washed clean of all our own mistakes forever!

    8) We are called Saints, whoa! We are called blameless before God! We are called the adopted sons of God! We have become joint heirs with Christ and have received all spiritual blessings! We are now seated with Christ in heavenly places at the right hand of God (all in Ephesians).

    9) We rule and reign with Christ! Dominion over all the earth has been restored to us! So no, Satan DOES NOT RULE THE EARTH any longer. Jesus kicked his ass! Satan is a pathetic defeated foe.

    10) We share the completed authority of God on this earth now through Christ. We are children of the Light and children of the day! We have total authority over ever scrawny demonic imp on the earth. If you have a friend, even a non believer, who is oppressed by demons, you can speak to his demon, be-it alcoholism or perversion or any deviance, and tell it to get out and go back to hell. That demonic spirit will shake in its little boots, and obey you, (It must obey), if you are a real follower of Christ.

    11) If you have a friend with a cancer, you can speak to the cancer… “Cancer, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I command you to LEAVE THIS BODY NOW! I have personally seen many cancers flee. I have seen MS demons flee, heart disease and diabetes also. Satan has nothing in me. He is a liar. The ONLY power he has is that …

    A) He is an amazing liar and he will try to lie to you, if you do not know who you are – what you have – and what you can do IN CHRIST.
    B)He is persistent. If you are a true believer, you must be diligent to study the Word of God and be a doer of the Word, and work together with other true believers. That will make it impossible for you to fail.

    12) But if you don’t know who you are in Christ, if you don’t know what you’ve got in Christ, and if you don’t understand what you can do in Christ, then the devil could eat your lunch, and pop the bag.

    13) So get to work learning. Seek the Lord, Ask the Lord, Knock on the door of the Lord. He who seeks shall find, he who asks shall receive, and he who knocks will have doors opened to him.

    14) But he who sits on a pew (like a bench warmer in a football club) and does nothing, he will find nothing, he will receive nothing, and he will go nowhere. At that point, you are no threat to the devil, and you are no better a child of satan. You’ll be overcome by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

    15) No coasting or resting on your laurels. This life of the True Believer that I speak of, is not for the lazy man. When you get up in the morning, you’ve got to greet the day, knowing that you are a child of God, a son or daughter of God, and that you have HIS work do do. You’ll be busy DOING what the Word commands. You’ll be healing the sick, preaching the Gospel of good news, and teaching people about Jesus. In order to DO, you must realize who you ARE, what you HAVE, and what you can DO!

    WOOHOO! It’s all super exciting. Now GO, get out there and “BE JESUS TO THE WORLD!”


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