Bug Out Time?

At midday here in Blind Bay, the light has been blacked out by the smoke. What a way to have the summer ruined.

20170906_192553_HDRThe smoke here is ever-increasing, thick and smelly, and I hate to admit I’m feeling crappy because of it. I pray over my own body every morning, but it is getting to me and many others with headaches, dizzy spells, and nausea.

A few days ago a fire started 4 miles south of me on the highway, Did someone throw a lit cigarette out the window? It was human caused, they said.  By 10 am, the road was closed and the water bomber was working feverishly.

bc fire tappen.jpg

Later I saw choppers scooping water from the lake and dumping it on the flames. The smoke here was acrid. Time for me to bug out.

If at all possible, I’m gonna head out to Calgary, or further, to escape and find some fresh air. More than six weeks of dense smoke is enough already. At the same time, I hope to share the abundant life of Jesus to strangers that I meet as I go.

I’ve got a few possible gigs lined up along the way, where I can play some country and Gospel and share my faith with others, and that is what I am all about.

Anyone that has the Holy Spirit inside, is fully equipped to share the reality of Jesus, cast out evil spirits, heal the sick, and raise the dead.  Read Matthew Chapter 10.

Jesus gave all true believers the power to do that. You may not FEEL it, cause it is not about goose bumps, or emotions.  Stuff we receive BY FAITH, is not of the flesh, it’s of the Spirit.  It’s invisible.

I have downloaded new audio gear again, and I have had some fun trying to make it work in this audio file.  It’s 15 minutes of chatter down below.

I am accepting cash donations to help pay for gas as I am very low on the money right now.

Just go onto your online banking website and select ‘transfer’, to Jerry Joe Black, and then insert this email address –  jojoblack@india.com

Any gift at all will help a great deal.

I feel sorry for that horse above, having to wear a gas mask. Probably a mask from the WWI to protect against Mustard gas in the trenches.

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