Niburu. The End of Everything?

The Internet prophets come up with something crazy on a daily basis. Now they say that Sept 23 2017 will be the day that this ‘Planet X’ will be invading our orbit to bring us rogue comets, meteor showers, and other space anomalies; and none of it is good.

This planet X, sometimes called Wormwood, or Niburu, is moving in a huge orbit which intersects Earths orbit once every few millenia. It has been blamed for the extinction of the dinosaurs, and various other calamities here on earth, due to it’s huge size and gravitational pull.. etc etc blah blah blah.

Of course the aliens won’t be far behind in these scenarios.. flying the space ships all over and causing mayhem.

Meanwhile, here on earth, the world’s top militaries are supposedly spending trillions digging tunnels and creating massive underground cities, some of which have their entry porthole located under the Colorado airport. This hidden network is all connected with a high-speed subterranean rail systems, zigzagging all over, beneath North America.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, you’re not  invited, probably because they’ve only got room for a select group with plenty of cash. I’m out.

This Niburu thing is said to be a massive planet, ten times the size of Earth, and it may ultimately smash into us, and destroy everything in a giant celestial fireball. Remember the movie?

At the very least, we’ll experience a huge ‘pole shift’ which will cause untold destruction, an EMT, and change our weather patterns forever, sending us back into the stone age. You better not live near the ocean, cause you’ll be the first to die.

These are only a few of the dire world ending predictions being pitched on YouTube these days, where each click pays the video creator a few pennies… and if they go viral they stand to score a good pay-day.

I guess I don’t have to look for a job after all,  I’ll be with Jesus soon.

Most recently the end times gurus on Twitter Facebook and Youtube, have been predicting that ‘the end’ will come on Sept 23rd 2017.  I’m gonna celebrate this date with a BBQ with friends on my deck, eating burgers and dogs! Were gonna GO out in style, with a front row seat!


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