Matt Ch.10 – Jesus Gives Real Power!

As you must know by now, my blog is actually only for those who consider themselves true disciples of Christ. Religious people will not understand what I am on about, and may find this blog a bore. You can’t really understand this stuff at all, unless Jesus discloses it to your understanding.

In any event,  Matthew Ch 10 is awesome, as is Luke Ch 9.

This is where Jesus calls his guys over, and gives them something…

But what does He give them?

(And remember, this only applies true disciple of Jesus.)

Jesus actually gave them – real – tangible – power and authority.

Power over all evil spirits, and more power over all diseases and all illnesses. Real power!

Real power over all demons and real power over all diseases. That’s incredible! Whoa!

Are you a TRUE disciple? If you are, then you also have been given this power.

Just imagine for a moment, being with a good friend that has cancer.

Now imagine telling that cancer to leave that body.  – Cancer GET OUT! – Cancer DIE!.

Now imagine, that body is free of cancer.  Wow!  That’s what I’m talking about. Real power.

and these signs will accompany those who believe. In my name, they will…(Mk. 16:17-18)

This power that Jesus gives to all his disciples, even today, is for blessing people, so they can have and enjoy life, obviously, and so that they might come to believe in Jesus.

Jesus said “I come to bring LIFE and LIFE more abundantly.” He brings LIFE to people, through His disciples.

When people get healed and set free, they sometimes make a faith decision to follow Jesus Christ! Sadly, most people who I see, that get healed, don’t believe on Jesus. They just refuse to believe.

This is amazing to me. After they get healed, they will tell me that their doctor made a mistaken diagnosis… or some other excuse, for why they are well. They refuse to give credit to Jesus.

Absolutely stunning to me. They have hearts of stone; hearts of granite. And one day, when they stand before God, they will have no excuse.

God will say to them.. “HEY!  I sent that fat guy Jerry to lay hands on you. You got healed. That big lump of cancer disappeared, but you still refused to believe in me. You have rejected me, and you have refused my gift. You told Jerry guy, to take that Jesus crap, and get lost!  You refused to receive my salvation. And now, there is nothing more for you.”

But I hope that one day, they will all come to their senses, and remember their healing, and make the choice to believe that Jesus Christ IS GOD ALMIGHTY.

So… if … you ARE a disciple, if … you ARE a follower of the Way, and if…. you ARE a DOER of the Word, then go ahead and click on the audio below.

It’s a bit long and probably boring, but there may be a nugget of two in there for you. Bless you!

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