Look at the Invisible Things!

Look at, and focus on, the invisible things? What?

This of course, sounds crazy to human reasoning, but the true nature of the ‘spiritual’, is in fact,  epi-phenomenal, (out of the ordinary), and invisible ‘stuff’.

Just as the smoke from the forest fires here, hides the beauty of the mountains, Satan keeps many people blinded to the ‘God stuff’, by keeping them shrouded in darkness and lies. The only ability he has, is to deceive. The glorious light of the Gospel is a total joke to those who live in darkness, those who shall ultimately perish.


God illuminates the minds and hearts of those who make a decision to believe,  from their hearts. Having faith in God, is a decision and a choice, which is in effect, separate from the emotional, separate from the physical, and separate from the mental.

Faith in God is purely a decision of the heart.

Once that decision has been taken, one has the right to become a manifested son of God (John Ch 1) in which case, he will certainly have the opportunity to experience physical, mental and emotional ‘miracles’, which, lets face it, is awesome!

The manifestation of impossible invisible things is what makes the spiritual life so amazing. It is addictive. But it all starts with a sober decision, to believe that Jesus Christ is God almighty.

fires 2

The reality of the invisible stuff, then begins to become apparent, it jumps out, and the hand of God become can be clearly seen in everyday life.

The healings, the deliverance from evil spirits, the ability to understand Gods word clearly, the practice of the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the power of Christ in all things, becomes real… IN THIS WORLD!

We then, we become Jesus to the world around us.

So, the first step is to make a decision to believe that Jesus IS THE SON OF GOD, and that he IS STILL ALIVE TODAY, and that in fact, he IS GOD ALMIGHTY, and the ONLY WAY to God.

Invite him to be the Lord of your entire life. THEN you will experience what it’s like to BE JESUS to this world.


If you wanna hear a long (38 mins) rambling attempt to explain 2 Corinthians Chapter 4, and hear more about the invisible eternal ‘stuff’, then join the one or two others by clicking on my audio link below. Bless you!

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