God Good. Devil Bad. Duh!

jesus to thje world

It never ceases to amaze me… these ignorant (unlearned) “Christians”,  who think that bad things come from God, cause he wants to teach you a lesson, or to get back at you.

Here’s a news flash people, God is not mad at you!

“Yes Jerry, but I know I wasn’t being a good enough Christian, so God gave me cancer to teach me a lesson.”

Ahhh…  NO!

Show me just one single example from the four Gospels, where someone came to Jesus for healing, and he said..

“Ahhh, No!  There will be no healing or blessing for you today, because last Tuesday you dropped an ‘F’ bomb during an argument with your wife.  Not only that, but you haven’t paid your tithes to the church.  So, I’m gonna punish you, gonna let you die from your sickness, ’cause you haven’t been good enough!”

Have you forgotten Jesus took all your mistakes on Himself and washed all your sins away? God himself remembers them no more.  How can he use your sin against you? Your sins are gone! G O N E !

But of course Satan will try to put thoughts in your head, reminding you of each and every failure. That’s his job. He is the accuser of the bretheren!

Jesus never used sickness or calamity to punish anyone.  In over 80 passages about healing, Jesus always said yes to those that asked for healing.  In his old home town, hardly anyone wanted healing from him, because they didn’t really believe he was a miracle worker. Only a few asked and received healing.

But that wasn’t because Jesus was teaching them a lesson or punishing them, it’s because they never asked for healing.  They knew him personally, and grew up with him, and they had no idea who he really was, nor did they ask for anything.  They were certain he was nothing special.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  Simple.

“Ask and you SHALL recieve..”

So many people today, attribute all the evils in the world to God.  That is S I C K!

Jesus said…

“I have come that you may have LIFE and have it more ABUNDANTLY.”

He went on to explain where the bad stuff comes from.

“The thief (Satan), comes only to kill, steal, and destroy.”

God = Good

Devil = Bad


I guess it is too simple. So many stupid, poorly trained men and women of the cloth, explain away all the bad in the world, by blaming it on God.. Those guys are NOT true followers of Jesus, nor do they know Him. They will all perish.

So, take responsibility! As a true follower of Jesus, it is up to YOU to act! Jesus said it all in Matt 10.

“I give you power and authority over devils, to cast them out, and over all sickness and over all disease. Now GO AND HEAL THE SICK, CAST OUT DEVILS, RAISE THE DEAD, AND PREACH THE GOSPEL! FREELY YOU HAVE RECEIVED, NOW FREELY GIVE!”

(That’s my paraphrase.)

So, we are supposed to ‘recieve’ that power and authority, and then stand up against sin and sickness and poverty IN THIS WORLD!  Jesus is gone, but he placed his power inside us to do the works of God by filling us with His Spirit.

The world is waiting for the manifested sons of God to get to work! That’s you and me!

So,  get your ass – off the pew sisters and brothers, realize that it is up to us to GO and to DO!  We need to be doers of the word, not just listeners only.

Yes… go and try it.

You’ll be as shocked as I was.  Lay hands on the sick..  they shall recover!  Mark 16.

Wow, it really works! Woohoo! What an exciting way to live.

God is good, and he operates through us.

Devil is bad, and he operates through the ones who have rejected Jesus.

That’s real simple.

Duh!  🙂







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