BC Forest Fires Smoke Bad for Vocalists

Sorry I have been busy, and have not been blogging. The weeks race past. I am happy to report that I have had a lot of gigs in the past two months. But the smoke from the many BC #forest fires has not been helpful.

Today began with clear blue skies, and much improved, but I see now , (10;30 am) that my blue horizon is slowly vanishing beneath the haze of white smoke.

With outdoor concerts and festivals happening all over BC, I can’t  be the only one complaining of a sore throat and trouble breathing;  hack hack…

Enderby Arts Council poster

So let’s review the Shuswap weather so far for 2017. The winter was the worst in 25 years, super cold, with tons of snow.  Spring was a dreary wash out with deadly land slides, torrential rains, and the flooding and disruption of all waterways; and now summer is a flop, under smelly smokey skies that you can actually smell and taste. All the visiting campers are denied their cozy campfires, boating has been restricted because of high water and floating debris, and scroching heat makes it miserable to be outdoors.

I predict the fall weather will be perfect. Three horrible seasons in a row?  The fourth has got to be better.

Enderby performers

In any event, I had 4 gigs in Calgary during Stampede week, small events including a Stampede Breakfast, and the bar at #Pizza Bob’s; small, but a whole lot of fun. It was excellent to spend a week with my brother Barrie. Then I did the #Dreamcycle Museum (with Garth on mandolin, Diane on stand up bass, and Sheldon on Lead guitar), and then we did the Enderby Arts Street Festival.


Here is a You Tube video from last week in #Enderby at the Arts Council event. It was organized by #Sheldon Smoke. Lots of fun playing with Diane Jewel, and I made lots of mistakes. (all mine). That why I get paid the big bucks! A wonderful forgiving crowd.


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