Persecution from the Spirit of Anti-Christ

Good morning.

Jesus said we will get persecution  for following Him. In fact, if you don’t ever get hated for imitating Jesus, you may wanna check your pulse.

Jesus explained that if the master gets abused for his faith and action, then the disciple will too. “The student is not above his master”. And again “if they hated me, they will hate you.”

20170624_164326So hot again today. I took the dogs to the lake.

Jesus also said, that if the World loves you, that’s a pretty good indicator that you are on the wrong track.

The World will love it’s own. I’m no longer a citizen of this world but a citizen of heaven. I’m IN this World for now, but not ‘OF’ this World any longer. I am now a child OF GOD.

As a true follower of Christ, I have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light, it’s obvious, I am different from who and what I once was. God is changing me from glory to glory. I am not as I once was. I am a new creation.

At one point in my life, I had turned my back on God. I ignored my calling. And I seemed to get rewarded by the World a little, it was the first time in my life that I experienced a little success, and it seemed for a while that I was popular. I kept my faith to myself in silence, and the World seemed to love me.

But what little success I did experienced, was fickle and fleeting. Soon the fad passed and the 12 years I had invested proved to be of no value. It was all vanity. My brand was quickly forgotten and me along with it. I had simply been the soup of the day.

But for the past twelve years, I have identified myself with Christ. It has been a sobering decision and a clear turning point in my life. It took a few years to get myself turned around. But this has already come with rewards. God is faithful and just.

Turning around; that’s the definition of repentance. I did a complete 180.

The moment I dug my heals in and refocused my whole heart and energies on Jesus,  I was severely attacked, and I mean it was severe. Impressively severe.

Satan tried to kill me. He wasn’t playing.

I went through six years of hell on earth, mainly because I had a lot to learn about who I was, what I had, and what I could do… IN CHRIST. Now I am informed, powerful, and a present danger to the Kingdom of darkness. I am on the offensive, and full of power.

At first I learned how to defend myself. Then I learned that I didn’t have to defend myself, and now I rest in the understanding that my life is “hid with Christ in God”. “Nothing shall by any means hurt me”.


It’s been a tough road alright, but praise God, I’m though the worst of it. I can see why very few people ever follow Christ deeply for long.  After all.. if you do follow Him, that road has only one destination. Death. We die with Him and are raised with Him.


And yet, it is glorious. Some believers see what I have today, and they think they want it. The glory of God is attractive alright, and the anointing to heal is impressive, but when they learn of the price that must be paid, most will shrink away.

Now that I am re-established in the Way, I’m good. It’s absolutely wonderful and getting better. I know who I am in Christ. That took some work to figure out.

As for persecution, it’s mainly the fact that I don’t fit in. I’m not cool. When people discover I am a true believer, even the religious crowd turn their back on me.

But that’s a small price to pay for being an upright man, and a manifested Son of God. (John 1).

The spirit of anti-Christ is alive and well in Canada today. JUST SAY THE NAME JESUS, and you’ll see the faces turn sour.

So, I don’t get the invites to many parties. That’s OK. I get it. These are children of their father the Devil. They don’t wanna hang with me, cause wherever I am, His Spirit is there.. shining bright.

The bottom line is this. Jesus loves me, and I don’t give a rip if no one else ever likes me again. If the God of the universe says He loves me, everyone else can get stuffed. So bring on the persecution.

In some countries they would simply slice off my head. So I’m grateful to be here. A dirty dismissive look here and there.. that’s nothing. I don’t get offended.

I am sure I have failed to explain what is truly on my heart again this morning, but I tried.

Spirit is spirit and flesh is flesh. May God give you understanding.

Have a good day y’all.









Persecution in Canada is a joke compared to what true believers of Jesus Christ suffer throughout the world.

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