Invisible Stuff is ‘More’ Real

Ahhh, good morning! As I drink my cheap coffee and munch on my delicious chocolate chip cookie from #Craigs’ Bakery in Chase BC, I share how I understand things which are invisible, are how this invisible ‘God Stuff’ is actually ‘more’ real than the things we can see, touch, smell, etc.


Max (left) is sleeping over with Daisy for the weekend. He is a Catahoola Leopard from Louisiana. These two get along just fine.

Understanding that there is a spiritual dimension all around us, [like a paralell universe] is very important to all followers of Christ. This invisible dimension is more real than what we experience via the five senses of our physical bodies.

Spirit is spirit, and flesh is flesh.  Oil and water. It’s two different category of things.

In order to grasp the things of God, you must tune your spirit  to  receieve  God’s messages, blessings, and healings. These come to us on God’s wave length. We can receive these only by the Spirit, through meditation, study, prayer and faith.

Just as there are invisible signals in the air, like radio, television and internet signals, God’s stuff, is also ‘on the air’, also invisible, but just as real.. in fact, MORE REAL!

The things of God are more real than physical stuff, because of its’ nature. The nature of God’s stuff is eternal. It is stuff that lasts forever. That’s the best stuff you can get! Gauranteed to exist forever. It comes with a true lifetime warranty.

Physical stuff is easy to see, smell, feel, hear, and taste. All that ‘stuff’ is easy to perceive, but… there is just one problem. That stuff is temporal. It will not last forever.

Spiritual stuff is better. It’s better, it’s more real, because.. it lasts forever. It is eternal.


This is a photo of Deanne’s shadow, and the tail end of her cat, as she heads into the tack room and prepares to ride her horse. The featured image today, is of her two horses. Beautiful. (Notice the two realities? One is physical, one is shadow.)

As we go through our lives, it’s better to collect spiritual things in our bank account, than physical things. The trouble with the physical stuff? It don’t last.

Have a listen, as I try to explain the value of invisible stuff.. hahahaha! 🙂 [Turn up your speakers. Wait 30 seconds for the download.]

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