Lots of Stuff

So, studying my Bible and listening to other men and women share what they have discovered in their devotions, on a daily basis, makes it clear that there are an infinite number of topics to discuss, study, and meditate on.

Today I ramble through a little house cleaning, where I mention a few praises to God for healings, and name some prayer requests.

I talk about Genesis 1;26 where we learn that God had initially given Adam total dominion over life on the earth. Adam of course, gave away his authority to Satan, by disobeying God on the topic of eating the illegal fruit in the garden.

Missionary to the Philippines, Ross Randell and his lovely wife, on a recent visit to the Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum. He’s a Canadian trucker for Christ, and is building a church in Olongapo Zambales.  He needs cash.  If you wanna donate ..
E-mail Ross today at  rossrandell7@gmail.com
Or- visit his web site   

Then Satan offers to return that authority, over all the kingdoms of the earth, to Jesus during his desert temptations. Jesus declines his offer, knowing there is no short cut. Jesus, the only sinless human that ever lived, knew that he would be the only acceptable sacrifice ad the ultimate spotless lamb of God needed to reconcile us to God.

Because of the cross, we born again men and women of God have now been restored to our original status. We have dominion over all life on the earth once again. Satan is no longer the prince of the air, or the ruler over earth. He has been defeated and demoted. But if we don’t exercise the authority God has given us, then nothing changes. The deception continues.

The truth is, we have been given power over all devils and diseases on the planet Matt 10 vs 1, and plenty more.  Satan wants to keep us in the dark about that, and so he inspires many false teachers in the church to distract and dis-empower believers. He is a liar of course, and the father of all liars.

At the end I read one final verse from Genesis.. which does not seem to make any sense. The audio went too long, and I just quit without explaining. My rambling just rambles itself to a halt.


As I have qualified many times, I am no Bible scholar or teacher. I’m just sharing stuff as I discover it. That’s my disclaimer, but still, I hope this message helps someone out there.

Be blessed. Be healed in Jesus name.  Remember, it’s Christ  .. IN YOU..  that is the only hope of glory.

To hear me ramble, click the link below. (allow 30 seconds to start. Turn speakers up.)

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