A Tale of Two Realities

Two realities? Yes.

One is clearly perceived by the human mind, and one is only understood by the Spirit of God.

God gave every human a brain. This brain is good for daily life and activities. It’s an amazing and powerful thing, but, it cannot grasp the invisible reality of the miraculous.

God has given every true ‘born again’ human something else too, the mind of Christ.  This gift enables us to ‘understand’ God’s Word, and much more. We can actually think like Christ.

We have the mind of Christ, we have the faith of Christ, we have the authority of Christ, we have the power of Christ, we have the miraculous abilities of Christ, and a lot more. So in effect, “when Jesus moved into us upon our invitation, he brought all his stuff with him.”  (That’s a line from preacher Currie Blake).

I get frustrated trying to explain spiritual things to so-called Christian people, who are not employing the mind of Christ. Talking about spiritual things requires us to think in a spiritual way, with a renewed mind. All the God stuff is only understood with a ‘renewed mind’ (Romans 12.2).

There is no sense of me trying to explain a spiritual truth to an unrenewed mind. It just don’t work. Yes, the human reasoning is interesting and impressive and can make good logical sense of a situation or problem, but it CAN NOT understand the things of God. “The preaching of the Gospel”,  for example, “is foolishness to them that perish.”

The carnal mind is made of white meat. The Christ mind is made of invisible spirit stuff; the same invisible stuff in fact, that God made everything out of, according to Genesis.

The world of the flesh is meat. The world of the spirit is eternal, invisible stuff. Two different categories.

The world of flesh is discerned (understood) by the five senses. The world of spirit is discerned by the Spirit of God.

The fact that all true believers in Christ, have the ability to heal people of all sickness and all disease, for example, is a silly and ridiculous notion when considered by the limited  human ‘meat’ mind.  I refuse to try to convince a non believer, (especially Christian non believers like you Bruce), that ‘it works’ every single time. The human mind cannot grasp this fact.

Yes Bruce, I do love you, but you have soaked in so many lies and bad teaching over the years, through consuming “Christian Media”, in your honest attempt to understand with your human meat brain. You should have instead been seeking and asking God for Holy Ghost revelation, by searching the scriptures for yourself. Talking to Jesus is always the best place to be… he provides custom answers that our spirit can understand.

So.. what is the answer for the Christian who does not believe that Jesus heals every time, 100%? Well, Jesus said it himself…

“Only believe.”

Faith is the key. If you are ‘born again’ of the Spirit, then you already have faith… lots of it… ’cause it is the faith OF Jesus. You got it the moment you were born again. It came with the salvation package. But do not try to get your old human brain to grasp this invisible, impossible, spiritual stuff. It can’t.

Your brain needs an upgrade. It needs to be “renewed.”

It’s always easy for me to ‘explain’ the reality of physical healing to non church people. That’s because they have not been schooled in the ways of theological doubt and unbelief. They just look at me, and receive the miracle. They have no arguments. Boom, they get healed. But trying to heal a so-called “Christian”  can be very challenging.

Their pastor has been making excuses for thier lack of faith for decades… they’ve been busy creating answers for why healing is very rare in his church. That’s false teaching.

The book from the eighties by JONI, explaining how she dealt with her personal health issues, and  ‘not getting healed’ is very touching, searching deep into the human mind and human heart, making justifications and arguments the essentially conclude that very few actually get healed. Why? It’s because of your sin. It’s because of your ancestors’ sin, it’s because God wants to use sickness to teach you a lesson, its because you’re not worthy, and on and on go the lies of Satan.

The truth these so-called ‘Christians’ don’t admit to, is this. They have no understanding of who they are IN CHRIST, what they have IN CHRIST, or what they can do IN CHRIST. Those three things are explained plainly in the Bible… but it takes effort and searching.

Fortunately for us.. he that seeks, will find.

If you wanna listen to me struggle to explain this invisible stuff, called faith, operating through a renewed mind, click below.  (Takes 20 seconds to load.. b patient)




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