My New Youtube Channel?

There is such a cluster of new social media out there. I decided to jump back into the communication fray in January. Now I have Youtube, Periscope, Whats App, and Twitter, FaceBook, and a few more. Did I do the right thing? Do I have anything worthwhile to share? I think I do, I have Jesus!

Anyways, here is my new (a few months old) You Tube Channel. (link below) Can somebody please sign up? I wanna see it working, and learn how to use it better.  I think Stu and Shirley (of our local music scene) are already signed up.

Man, it’s a lot of work, and it’s easy to spend hours a day on it. I figure if I can distribute some positive & spiritual content, it’s a good thing. Well, it’s  certainly better than watching TV, and it gets me into the study of the word more.

My TV went out on the sidewalk some 7 years ago. It had a big sign on it. FREE. It was gone in 10 minutes and I haven’t missed it. TV is garbage, and has been for decades.

But when watching Internet media, it’s equally important to be aware of WHAT we are consuming. Media is okay for relaxing and for entertainment, but there’s so much crap out there.

Anyways..  please check out my videos and give me some comments, likes, and sign ups – – thanks! God Bless you today.

youtube 2.png

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