Doubting is easy. Believing is work.

Any moron can doubt the supernatural promises of God as recorded in the New Testament. But if you decide to doubt what is clearly written, you can go without.

If you believe, you can receive. If you doubt, you can go without. Simple.

The doubter (and I’m talking about a person who calls himself a Christian) is more than glad to spout all his brilliant arguments. He wants to convince you that healing is no longer available today. All his arguments appeal to human logic. That man will never get healed.

A life of faith, of course, calls us to go beyond the carnal mind, and believe with the mind of Christ, believe in the invisible realities, the spiritual stuff.

If you don’t believe in miracles for today, I’ll just avoid the topic when I’m with you. I have enough doubt provided by my own carnal mind thanks, I don’t have to listen to yours.

Doubting is easy and comes naturally to humans. Believing is more challenging. Doubt comes easy to the carnal thinker, but I chose to be a spiritual thinker.

I chose to resist common place human logic, and press forward into believing the words of Jesus.  That ‘s more difficult.

I know from the Bible, that I do have the mind of Christ, and I have the faith of Jesus too.

When doubt comes to me, I fight it. I am aware of how my carnal thinking can try to drag me away from faith, so I actively resist doubt. It must become a habit.

Jesus does indeed perform healings and miracles through us today.  I choose to believe this fact is real. That’s a choice I make daily. I believe the Bible, no matter what.

My circumstances do not alter the truth of God’s Word. If my experience doesn’t always appear to line up with what I read in the Bible, then the Bible is not wrong. I just need to get more understanding. Yes, I am saying, it’s MY challenge. The word is true no matter what circumstance may indicate to the contrary.



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