Stay in Shape !

There is work for true believers to accomplish while on the earth; God’s work. To do it, we need to be in shape! We need to w o r k at staying in shape.

We true believers are the hands and feet of Jesus. We ARE the tangible Jesus here and now, to the world. The world needs us to… BE JESUS. We are the salt of the earth, and the light of the world. (Matt 4), so be sure to stay tuned up and ready to serve humanity!

Jesus does the works through us, of course. It’s His words that we speak, and His works that we do. John 14;12  We will ‘do the works’ that Jesus did and greater works.

So, to be prepared spiritually mentally and physically to do this stuff, we need to stay in shape. That’s what I talk about here on this audio file below.

Again, this is for Dan, Jane and Ev. You also are welcome to listen in.



One thought on “Stay in Shape !

  1. Another great podcast JJB. Your message cuts through all the confusion that is out there today in the church and online. God Bless Brother!


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