1 John Ch 4 – Some Serve Satan

Bible Study in Tappen BC

Spiritually speaking, there are only two categories.

1) Those that are living in darkness, who unwittingly serve the devil and follow the lusts of their own flesh,  and ..

2) Those who have been translated into the kingdom of God’s glorious light, have been set free from worldly lusts, and then serve humanity by the power of God.

There only two groups, the sheep and the goats.

One group lives in sin, in the dark, chained to bad habits, evil intention, they are total slaves to fornication, lasciviousness, perversion, self aggrandisement, addiction etc.

The other group are ‘friends’ of God, and they have been made ‘the righteousness’ of God in Christ! They’ve been ‘translated’ into the kingdom of light, by a loving saviour, Jesus Christ. They now live IN the light.

You can tell them apart easily. Those who are still living in darkness, cannot hear us.  If you talk to them about Jesus, they look stunned. They literally cannot hear you. Only God can open their hearts and their ears. But if they insist on hardening their hearts against the things of God, they are toast. Burnt toast.

But if perchance they will repent, believe on Jesus Christ as God, and turn from their own wickedness, they too can be ‘translated’ into God’s kingdom, and set free from the deception of the devil.

But, they gotta wanna. Yes, I said ‘gotta wanna’. Some are so set in their evil persuits that they don’t even ‘wanna’.  Bound by the chains of Satan, they are so tricked, that they think all they need is ‘more’. More more more.

The lust of the eyes and the pride of life rules their lives. They are arrogant, thinking themselves above God, and believe they are in charge, even when their lives are in total disrepair. Though they are bankrupt financially, emotionally, morally, physically, and in every other way, they still think their way is the right way.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end there-of, are the ways of death”.


One thought on “1 John Ch 4 – Some Serve Satan

  1. Great talk JJB! I like the part about the prisoners in the Soviet Gulag having only a page of the Bible that kept them alive and sustained them. Really demonstrates the power of God’s Word!


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