Anne Windsor

Anne Windsor Bible School


Here is a precious sister that I respect. She is a graduate of Rhema Bible Institute (Ken Hagin’s Bible school). She is an awesome blessed woman.

(The following is from Anne Windsor’s web site)

What is a ‘School of Pneumatology’?

‘My soul has grown tired long ago, of men treating the whole subject of Christianity as though it were child’s play. We have our physical sciences, we have our psychological sciences, the action of the mind, taught in the great schools of the land, but there is something greater. ”

“One of these days there is going to be a new chair. It will be the chair of pneumatology; the science of spirit, by which men will undertake to discover the laws of God. And by the grace of God, man shall know that God is alive, and the living Spirit of God is no dream.”

Chair of Pneumatology, An excerpt from “The Science of Healing” by John G. Lake


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