Murray Mclauchlan

Here is a musician I really relate to. Born in Scotland around 1948, he was raised in Toronto. He recorded his biggest hit when he was 24 years old, The Farmer song.

At Carlin Hall where I sing once a month at the coffee-house, Larry the manager of the hall, wants us all to consider playing songs written by Canadians, to recognize and celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. So tonite, I’ll be singing Farmer song, and Henry Moore, his two biggest hits.

The older I get, the more I appreciate this awesome country. I also want to celebrate all things Canadian. For me, Canada is a sovereign nation, with borders, and the rule of law. For me it’s a free country, or should be. For me, it’s beautiful all over, and I love it. Any time I go south to Mexico or Cuba, or wherever, I’m always really glad to get back.

Having said all that, if the sun doesn’t begin to shine quick’  I am moving.  🙂 Read this article about Murray, it’s interesting.

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