Getting Back Online

Years ago I was online 24/7  promoting other people’s businesses. I was a busy Internet marketing guy.  It was a great life, plenty of travel, and a great way to earn a living. I did it for almost fifteen years, but sitting at a desk staring at three screens took it’s toll on my health.

I was struck down with a heart attack, not once but twice. That killed my income stream and my ability to work online, and it almost killed me.

Now I’m slowly getting back to ‘working’, but the online world has changed over the past five years, so I’m learning all over again, just like the guy that’s had a stroke and has to learn how to speak again.. from scratch.

Apart from the basics of life, like looking after my self, my dog, and my home, my activity today consists of playing music, recording others playing music at local events, and sometimes recording my own voice doing Bible chats.  I’m doing what I enjoy… and I’m doing it slowly.

My new goal is to get my online presence totally mobile, and running smooth. This smart phone I bought is amazing, but now Telus says it’s outdated. Wow.  I’m still learning how to use the darn thing and it’s done!

In any event,  I just got my new YouTube channel up, my blog/vlog up, my Facebook up, my Twitter is tweeting, and I have my music channel up. Pretty good!

I’ll try to learn how to do some live video streaming events as well, which can be done in a number of ways.  That should be fun.  Lucky for me, there’s only a small group following my activities so far, so my screw ups won’t matter much.

Meanwhile, ten-year-old children around the world can already do it all effortlessly.  The rate of change on this planet, is incredible.


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