One thought on “Eagle Bay Coffee House; 02-25-2017

  1. Hi, Jerry,

    I don’t know what’s happening with my inbox. I saw the post you had about Fake church, but none of the others have come to my inbox. At least I don’t see them. I search my google mail for Joe Black and wow, a whole bunch of posts came up.

    The reason I’m searching for you is because I got an email from JGLM Dallas asking if I know of any one who could translate emails to France or if they’d be willing to receive emails from France. I know of no one who speaks French except you. So, I thought I’d ask if you might be interested. NO pressure though. Looks like your pretty busy as it is. And I have heard that Quebec French is not the same as France French.

    Be blessed, brother!

    On 27 March 2017 at 19:23, Be Jesus to the World! wrote:

    > Jerry Joe Black posted: “Coffee House. Did I already post this one? I have > a new YouTube Channel for these. > v=a2Cpyoh364c& ” >


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