Jesus Jesus Jesus!

Good morning Ev, Dan, and Jane,  it is still pretty dark here, but it’s warmer out there and I hear water dripping from the roof. I think winter may be done.
Since I hooked up on Facebook, I have seen a flood of information about the Muslims etc, and someone posted a photo of a child running with his school class, he ran with his friends celebrating, and he has holding a fresh human head in his left hand. He held it by the hair. Horrific!
Every Friday is when they chop heads and hands, and feet and fingers, depending on the crime. The photo hurt me man. There was another photo of a 25-year-old man in the air, just before he hit the ground, he was upside down. They had tossed him off a 4 story building. He was gay. The photo was dead sharp. He had his hands tied behind his back.
I feel like I have now seen what these people do, and I understand it, and I wanna puke. I feel like I have eaten from the forbidden fruit. Now I know why God didn’t want us to know about sin and the in-humanity of evil. But Adam and Eve disobeyed God, ate the apple, and learned of evil.
I feel now, that I have been very naive about the world. And since I have had a taste of the beauty of God over the past ten years, I have been living in my God bubble. I like the bubble. I’m gonna go back into it right now, today. I’m gonna pray and worship, and read my bible and listen to the Bible in my car, and preach, and heal and ‘BE JESUS’ to this world today, more than ever.
I’m not gonna look at memes about Trudeau and Islam, and men in dresses chopping off heads. That is the devil’s world. I have to live here for a while I guess, but I am ALREADY a citizen of Heaven. I have already been ‘translated’ from the kingdom of Lucifer, to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. I am IN this world, but no longer am I OF this world. I am IN CHRIST, not IN THE DEVIL.  I LIVE INSIDE the TRUTH, I am ONE WITH THE TRUTH. Jesus is the Truth, and I am one Spirit with God because I am joined to Jesus Christ by His blood.
I am gonna turn my eyes upon Jesus, right now. I am gonna focus on His eyes, beautiful pools of love. I am gonna meditate on how much God is in love with me, and gave up his only son to die for me, so I can be WITH him always. He will never ever go away from me. Nothing can separate us. Even if they killed me, I will be with my Lord and saviour, held tight in his arms of love.
Today I’m gonna think on Jesus, cause Psalms says if I do this, I will live in perfect peace. I don’t wanna be tricked into thinking about the evil shit that the devil is doing through all his slaves. I am a slave of righteousness, and a friend of Jesus. Today, I will go about teaching, and preaching, and healing and delivering people in bondage. I am a manifested son of God, and a brother of Jesus. I will do like Jesus did. All my sins have been purged, washed away. I am clean because Jesus cleaned me, praise his holy name. I am ‘blameless’, no one can put a charge on me, cause Jesus has paid my sentence.
I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I am part of his body and He is the head. I am gonna be ONE with God forever, and he will never leave me or forsake me, oh, Praise Him!
I am the adopted kid of Jesus! He adopted me cause he likes me! (Eph 1) He has made me blameless. He wants me to share his glorious message to the world around me Oh, Praise Him! Praise Him Now friends! Can you see him now?  He stands before us with arms outstretched!
He has set us FREE from the chains of sin.  He has set us free to worship Him and glorify God, because we can do the works OF God, and speak the words Of God! Oh, won’t you praise him this morning. We are children, he says, children of the light! We are to walk IN THE LIGHT!  WOW!!!

Glory to God in the highest! Oh, Praise the name of JESUS!  Thanks you Jesus!!  Jesus is Lord of ALL!  Alleluia!!  Glory to Jesus, my King, my God, my Lord! Woo Hoo!

 space fantasy. star
Ok, friends, I feel better now.I’m gonna make an audio podcast now for you. Have an amazing DAY!






I love you brothers and sisters. Pray for me.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Jesus Jesus!

  1. Good thoughts Jerry. I’m not sure who would take the prize for being at the very bottom of this Pond slime evil–the radical Muslims or the elite White pedophile satanists in high positions some of who torture babies and drink their blood to gain power. It is indeed a good question== how much of this do we really need to know as Christians???? I like to know in general terms how bad this world is because it gives me motivation towards being radically good and radically obedient to Christ


    1. You can only be radically good and radically obedient only one way. Realize who you are in Christ, what you have in Christ, and what you can do in Christ by studying and understanding the scriptures.

      Christians seem to search out excuses .. “But Jerry.. The Bible says “without Him we can do nothing.”

      That’s right. But true believers are never without Him… Right?

      Jesus said. “I will never leave you or forsake you.. Lo I Am with you always till the end!”

      Paul added, “I can do all things… (Not by my own strength and holiness) but through Christ that strengtheneth me!”

      It is “Christ IN YOU” that is the hope of glory.

      All glory and honour to you my Lord Jesus! If any virtue flows from my body, it is you that does the works.

      Thank you oh Lord.


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