I Luv Tim Hortons!

Tim Hortin’s is a great place to meet old friends that you haven’t seen in years.

It’s 8 minutes after five and the sun is blinding me through the glass at Timmy’s. There’s Free WiFi and a free coffee cause I rolled up the rim and I won 😆. I love free stuff!

At 5.30 I’m meeting with an old friend from my Calgary years. Just anticipating our visit is stirring many old emotions.

No doubt I will discover new things that I have to pray through.. and I have to stay focused on my old friend too, as he also will be cycling through some old thoughts. Truth is, it wasn’t always roses back in the day 30 years ago.

We were both selected as candidates for street ministry back then and neither of us passed muster, in fact they tossed me right out altogether, and I deserved it.

I discovered that he did’nt give up though, and spent many years in youth ministry. Now he’s a full fledged street Chaplin and an awesome dude.

Chuck Harper filled me in on just how bad life on the street has become now a days. In 2016 there were 15 deaths in Vernon alone.

Chuck is doing amazing work. Go see. Google “Chaplin Chuck” Vernon BC.

God bless you brother.

# Vernon Street Church







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