Global Cooling in B.C

So.. this morning I get up to another miserable cold winter day with accompanying snow. There’s so much snow that the Internet barely works.

It’s the end of February, the season when spring really starts to break through the winter gloom here in the Shuswap, but now the weatherman has announced yet another seven days of snow and ten degree below freezing.

Cabin fever has moved in on this cat. I have to get out. I didn’t move here from Saskatchewan for this action. I’m looking at moving to Mexico on a permanent basis. Seriously.

And “Global Warning”? It’s a scam designed to collect one more tax by the globalist cabal, that wants to destroy our economy and thin out the world population. Yes, I am a climate change denier, and so is the President of the United States, so bite me. Come get me.

On day one of his presidency, Trump removed every bit of information about the glabal warming myth from the US Web site. He is a smart man .. no matter what CBC tells you. Wake up Canada !

The reason the entire world media ganged up on Trump was, that he tells the truth!

Since my heart surgery in 15, it seems I feel the cold and damp more than ever. Being stuck in the house is what happens because I’m not skiing anymore, and I’ve had to sell the snowmobile.

Working out in a gym is no longer for me. I detest it. Walking is more my thing, but in the ice and snow and freeing temps,  it is simply unpleasan and dangerous.

So I’m on Google. . trying to select a new home, somewhere down in Mexico. There are many advantages beside the weather.. mainly the lovely people

I’m going. I’ll set up a mission somewhere the people need more of Jesus. Not someplace for the idle rich congregate, like P.V.

Stay tuned.  If you know me, you know this is how I roll. I make a decision, then “poof”.. colour me gone!

4 thoughts on “Global Cooling in B.C

  1. Hello Jerry, and good morning to you!! Yes I’m on your side with those statements as I look longingly out our windows, grateful for the view. The sun is shining and the snow is falling at the same time..Eeeeeeeek!! Yes if I was still in Alberta I wouldn’t get too excited until April. So are renting or selling? I know some folks who do go to Mexico every Winter, have a second home there…it looks really inviting.


  2. Jerry. I guess bcs I don’t want to c u leave. But we all have bad times But they change for us….. And so does the weather who knows what the winter might be there next yr & cud be back to normal.


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