Blue Rodeo & Western Skies

I love to make videos. I take still shots and video clips then add my favorite music. Blue Rodeo makes me feel my western Canadian heart. I love Blue Rodeo. I LOVE these guys. True Canadians. Love it. I hope you enjoy my video.

I dedicate this to my beautiful aunt Rhona, who passed many years ago. She brought me out to Vancouver when I was 15, and changed my entire life. Being a Toronto kid, when I flew over the rocky mountains and saw western Canada, I was forever changed.

I was 19 before I finally moved out west for good. Once I saw the beauty of Alberta and BC, I had to stay. The people of the west are beautiful too.      # Blue Rodeo

A video featuring images of White Lake and Tappen BC Canada by Jerry Joe Black

2 thoughts on “Blue Rodeo & Western Skies

  1. So the way I get it we as Canucks are about to be screwed over by a government that Canadians voted in as trusted servants . Come on we all have opinions as humans and l bloody well want to voice mine in canada . I am not a fool that goes to other countries and protest against there ideas towards humanity , if this M103 makes it through my canada is no longer my canada . I gotta say that doesent sit well inside . If fact as Canadians that should disturb each and everyone of us deeply . I want a government with a backbone , l want hope again not fear . Will the right fucking person please stand up and fight there ass off for me and my fellow Canadians Please!!!


    1. If it is to be, it is up to me.

        We are forming a committee, and we may go out again in one month to protest M-103 again. It’s not a law YET. The Liberals rolled this M-103 out, as a ‘soft launch’ to see if Canadians will decide to fight it. If we do not fight, it will slide into law. Even if we do stand up, they may make it a law. I hope not.

        It was exciting to stand up for free speech in Canada. We got attacked by a few snowflakes, they screamed at us and called us “Fucking Racists”. We ignored them. They ripped our signs away from us and tried to rip some of them up. We stayed calm. They freaked out. Finally they went away.

        What they don’t know is that we are standing up for their rights to voice their opinion. The one admitted to us that she got paid by someone to be attacking us! (Trudeau?) (George Sorros?) It doesn’t matter at all. Sooner or later Canadians WILL stand up, or, they will cower in fear every time their government tells them to shut up. In a few generations, we could be like China. That’s a place that has ‘death vans’. When they have a problem with a ‘dissident’ who disagrees with the government dictum, they simply go and pick him up. He gets ‘disappeared’. That’s not a Canada for me.

        I want to be able to voice my beliefs. If I think taxes are too high, I’d like the right to SPEAK about it publicly. It doesn’t mean I hate the finance minister, it just means I am against his oppressive policy.

        If I don’t like Sharia Law, if I don’t think it’s a good thing for my Canada, or for my grand kids, then I want to be able to say so. All religions shd be treated equally. That’s one of my beliefs. And no, that doesn’t make me a racist.

        I’m worried about Christian-a-phobia, and Semetic-a-phobia and even Bahi-a-phobia… not just Islam-a-phobia.

        I say to all Canadians, stand up and speak, while it is still legal to do so. Go have a peak at what’s happening on YouTube, re: Europe. They are not showing THAT video on your CBC. They don’t want you to know what’s happening over there. Check our Sweeden, France, and Germany for a start.

        In Europe it’s probably illegal to talk about “the problem”. But there’s a total shit storm happening there. Until 3 weeks ago, I was totally unaware, but thanks to citizen journalism, I am now up to speed. The soaring violence and rapes, the public and private property damage, the ignoring of the rule of law, and the thousands of no go zones in European cities. It’s real, and it’s happening, and not one peap about it on CBC.

        European countries are in crisis, the worst crisis since WWII. The people are finally waking up and as a result, Brexit happened, and also Marie LePin could win the next election in France. Angela Merkle in Germany has dropped in the poles, and Hollands got their own version of Donald Trump working his way up. Sweeden is still in total dinial. (it’s not happening, it’s not happening, it’s not happening…)

        In Canada it is time to step up to the plate people, or suffer the consequences. But consider the cost. Just writing this post will probably get me flagged by the Canadian Government. I am NOT a racist. I am NOT promoting Hate. I am simply standing up for Canada… while I can. I am promoting LOVE, the love of women in Canada especially. I am a feminist. I will stand against the oppression of women.

        But let’s do this through peaceful protest. When you get attacked, just reply in love. They are just paid protesters who are really dumb. Forgive them, pray for them.


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