Why Did Jesus COMMAND us to Go?

We as believers in Jesus Christ, have been Commanded to Go and preach and teach everything that Christ taught us. Commanded!

There is a reason behind God’s command. When God commands us, it is for our own good, because as a good father, a loving parent, and he tells us to obey for good reasons.

(Wanna listen to me talk about Matthew 28: 18? click this player)


Bottom line, when “Christians” stay on their pews and ignore the direction of God, the world gets taken over by evil manifestations of hell. In this day, that has comes to us in the form of radical Islamic Muslims, and perhaps just as bad, a complicit media that tells us they are a religion of peace and that anyone who does not support them, is a racist.

God says we are Salt and Light to the World.

By His grace , we ARE salt and light.

But to affect the world, we need to actively start BEING who we are.

We are salt and light by the grace of God, through faith, but to DO,  that is the next step.

I believe that doers of God’s Word, actually hold back a flood of spiritual evil forces which come onto the world by Satan and his people. But if the ‘doers’ are not ‘doing anything’, there’s a grave problem.

The full power and authority of Christianity is powerless, until the believers start ‘doing’. God’s miraculous power starts to flow, only when we ‘do’.

This is a classic war between God’s people and Satan’s people. Although we as God’s people have ALL POWER on the earth, if we do not ENFORCE our will, for good, then evil will prevail.

We can see that evil is flooding Europe in 2016 – 17. Over 7 million young radical men of military age are pouring into Europe, committing crimes, and demanding that Sharia Law be supreme over all other laws and civil authority.

They espouse a particular ideology, which they call a religion of peace. It is not a religion, but a political ideology. It is not peaceful, but violent. Anyone not espousing Islam, in their view, is an infidel and should be converted or eliminated, with full violent force.

As peaceful do nothing Canadian Christians, we have become politically correct to our own peril and by our silence, we are complicit in this evil flood. We have become soft. Trust me, these tough young warriors for Islam from Africa, Syria, and other places are anything but soft. They are coming to your town soon, to steal your lunch and pop the bag.

England is starting to wake up, and Brexit is the start of a freedom movement that is sweeping Europe. Countries want their sovereignty back. They are leaving the European Union and demanding their independence, and nation-state status. They want to decide who should enter their own countries.

America is waking up too, in electing Trump they have declared their desire to return to being a free country, one nation under God, not just one of many former states, that have fallen to globalism and a one world government.

Fighting by becoming a doer of the word is not easy. But it’s time to get off our easy chairs. It’s time to stand up for Christ. It’s time to pick up your cross and follow Him. It’s time to “DO”.

He, Jesus Christ, has given us the command , to Go!

Go, and Do!  God is with you. Go and ‘do’.

Go! Heal the sick, raise the dead, preach the gospel, and set the demoniacs free. Freely you have recieved, freely give. You have the power to do this, but unless you try, you’ll never experience the authority and power you have in Him.




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