Warmer Weather

(Photo is from the action at the Chase Coffee House last Friday.)

Wow, what a cold spell we’ve had in Salmon Arm this month. Coldest winter in a long while. For the past three years we’ve had very mild winters, but it’s all just a good memory now.

Today I’m just working on my music. On the weekend I’ll be doing some music for some brothers and sisters in Scotch Creek. Friday night I’m going to sing at Enderby’s coffee house. Should be fun, and above all, it’s a great opportunity for mingling and making friends.

When I walk into a crowded room, the Christ in me, shines out. Jesus said that true believers ARE the light of the world. That’s God’s light shining out into the lives of others. The same goes for you, IF Jesus is inside you by His Spirit.

Have a great day!

One thought on “Warmer Weather

  1. We’ve had it cold out here on the Prairies too this winter. But it is starting to warm up and the sun definitely has some bite to it now. Feels good. Thanks for all your encouragement JJB!


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