Channeling Jesus

To put things into a New Age perspective, I’d say that true followers of the true Jesus, can ‘channel’ Him and His message to the world.

There are also many followers of the fake Jesus out there, who channel a fake jesus.

It’s kinda like the whole fake news issue. CNN ‘channels fake news, and Brietbart, Drudge, and Daily Caller, ‘channel’ the real news.

The fake news people are paid by a cabal of evil oligarchs, the type that meet at Bilderberg conferences annualy, and the real news people fund themselves by getting small listener donations.

(Note: Notice that Donald Trump funded his own campaign with his own money, whereas Hillary got funded by Sorros, Saudi Arabia, and private interests.)

The ‘real Jesus’ channelers don’t always get it right. That’s because they are clay vessels. Trump won’t always get it right, and the ‘real news’ channelers won’t always get it right either. Even Alex Jones makes mistakes 🙂 .

But I think the ‘real channelers’ are the good guys in the end, because at least they try to get it right. The evil channelers do what they do, to destroy humanity, by design. They enjoy evil. They revel in it. They are decieved by the evil one, and they dig it. My ex wife digs it. They can’t get enough of it. Mmmmm… E V I L! Give me mmmmm o r e!

I think it comes down to the spirit they ’employ’ to get their job done, and it ultimately goes to their heart’s intention.

Someone like George Sorros the billionaire, channels hatred, derision, and lies to divide humanity. His agenda is to kill, steal and destroy. The Bible tells us that this is also Satan’s mission on earth. We can infer from this, that Sorros works for Satan. As a twelve year old boy, he worked for the Nazis as a collaborater, turning in his Jewish neighbours for favours. He was raised by evil benefactors. He chose evil. His career was worshiping Satan. He is a confirmed, self declared Luciferian. He is very good at his chosen profession.

Someone like me, a non billionaire, channels life and life more abundantly. My agenda is to tell the world about God’s unending love and acceptance towards all mankind, to unite, to forgive, and build, to heal, and to provide all his needs. We can infer from this, that I am filled with God’s Spirit, and I work for Him! This is my chosen profession. I’m slowly getting better at it!

What a concept.  Jesus – the REAL Jesus, lives inside of me. I am joined to him by the blood that he shed on the cross. He, by his sacrifice, reconciled the old sinful me to himself,  and made me his friend and his adopted child. Because He showed me love, I love him back, and I serve him. I gave him my life.  Now he empowers me to be his representative in this world, by his awesome Spirit. My spirit is now one with His Spirit. John 14.12 says that because I believe that he is God, and I believe that he lives inside of me, that I will do the same works that he did when he walked the earth. Wow.

So, George Sorros is able to kill steal and destroy by the deceptive influence of Lucifer. I am able to heal all disease (Matt 10;1), deliver folks from demonic oppression, and share the good news that “The Kingdom of God is here, now!” by the spirit of God. If need be, I will be able to walk on water, alter the weather, and multiply food. (John 14.12)

If you have Jesus inside of you, you will too. In fact, you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you.

Ok, that’s it for me.

Have an awesome day. Find out about the music scene in the Shuswap by visiting my Facebook page.

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