Celebrate Canadian Music at Carlin Hall

On first Saturday night of each month in the Shuswap, Carlin Hall is the place to be for fun and Canadian content.

Coffee House organizers Larry and Jane Stephenson have been encouraging performers to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by performing songs written by Canadian artists.

I’m working on a few tunes by Neil Young, Murray Mclauchlan, Leonard Cohen and Ian Tyson. There are so many to pick from. There’s also Bruce Cockburn, Rush, Gordon Lightfoot, The Tragically Hip, and the Guess Who, just to mention a few of my favorites.


Last Saturday I performed three old blues tunes at Carlin with the help of no less than four musical friends. What an amazing bunch.

When the evening was over, we discovered six inches of fresh snow on our vehicles in the parking lot. Now that’s Canadian!

Today I’m learning “Down by the Henry Moore” by  Canadian Murray Mclauchlan. It’s a song about hanging out in Toronto, and it brings back a flood of memories for me.

Here’s my favorite Mclauchlan song. Farmer’s Song.

Come and join us on the first Saturday night of each month. It’s the best 4 bucks you’ll every spend.


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