Boo Hoo

The streets of America are filled with the bitter cries of the mentally deranged Dems, who still don’t get it, even months after they lost the election. It’s over. Their moans harmonize with the lies of the dying dinosaur media, and together, they make a pitiful sound. The ‘taking’ is over.

It reminds me of my ex-wife, who by now must have become a Democrat. She lives in a California la la land, where she is entitled to take anything and everything she sees. In the divorce, she took all we had accumulated as a couple, and would go on taking through her next four marriages.

To give you an example of her delusion, when she learned my father was terminal, she flew from California to Toronto Canada to take him out for lunch. She flirted and seduced to get into his good books. This was a full thirty years after our very unpleasant divorce. Can you believe it? She came after my inheritance!

She’s been a ghost since ’87, when her lawyers were convinced I had nothing left to take. She took it all. She even sold all my suits to the second-hand shop.

And, incapable of grasping how twisted her logic is, she continues to take. Like Hillary, she is a tenacious fighter, and in the end she must have gotten my old man’s cash too, cause I never saw a dime after he passed.

These kind of people think their gravy train will never end. They feel entitled to steal it all. They serve their spiritual father, the devil. The Bible says that Satan came only to steal, kill, and destroy… Sounds like a democrat, hell-bent on having their pity party and destroying America.

Democrats are like spoiled children, crying “Poor Me!”  They are self-righteous, self-indulgent takers. Hillary even took the furniture when she left her government office. I guess the two hundred million she got from pedaling influence wasn’t enough. Obama left the White House in a total mess.

The only time the music will stop for these demented ones, is when they leave this rock.  Then the ‘taking’ will come to an abrupt and unpleasant end, and the real crying will begin.

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