Trump IN. Soros OUT.

Good Morning. It’s a new day!

Finally we have a real man in the White House,  and Obama the foreign born communist and known pawn of billionaire George Soros is gone, swept into the trash bin of history by the hand of righteous American patriots .

Trump has put everything in his successful life on the line, his family, his business, his wealth, and his life to become the voice of the silent majority, the voice of common sense.


Like he said, “I am running to be the president of the United States of America, not the leader of the world.” and again, “Americanism not globalism, that will be our credo!”

At this time in the history of a free world, we need a strong man.

As for the Satanic Democrats and their twisted Godless perverted view of the world, that  everyone should be under the foot of global governmental control, and that no one should be more than a slave to the global elite, their time in power is over.


It was a very close call, too close. But now the tide will swing back to a common sense world. Brexit and this US election have saved the world from tyranny, again. We have a reprieve thank God, but now let’s finish the job.

I believe the Trump effect will shut down the evil agenda adopted and promoted by the NSA, George Soros, the Chinese Communists, and New World Order.  It will take a while, but in the next eight years, Canada will also swing back to common sense policies, and healthy capitalism.


Trump Agenda & Policy

Fair trade deals (the elimination of Nafta), a secure border, good local education, banning of unvetted Muslim arrivals, total annihilation of radical islamic terrorism, draining of the swamp of corrupt politicians and lobbyists in Washington, a thorough purge of the old control freaks at the CIA and the FBI, prosecution of all American traitors, including Hillary, Obama and Comey, infrastructure renewal (new bridges, schools, highways, tunnels, airports, ports etc), conservative Supreme Court appointments, a free press (and new rules for the White House press gallery allowing bloggers and citizen journalists),

clinton mafia.jpg

de-funding of abortions with public money, freedom of religion, lower personal and business taxes, family values, elimination of the big pharma cartel power (forced vaccinations and rigged drug prices), a renewed enthusiasm for the rule of law, clean air and water, elimination of chem trails and terra forming, unleashing of the American energy industry like oil and clean coal, erasing of “Agenda 21” (and other globalist UN take over of American territory),  inner city renewal and job creation, de-regulation for industry and small business,), an honest approach to environmentalism not based on the fraudulent climate change indoctrination,death of all carbon tax schemes, return of factories and manufacturing to America, an end to the promotion of the global warming myth, tightening of all federal government budgets with accountability for all government employees,


an end to bogus political correctness rules, a renewal of racial and social unity, protection of free speech and an end to internet censorship, elimination of repressive gun restriction laws, support for police and first responders, better veteran services, re-establish good foreign relations starting with Russia, quick and permanent removal of criminal illegal immigrants, securing of all government internet and e-mail systems, promotion of strong secure borders including the ‘Wall’, scaling down of all military engagements worldwide, better and more compassionate and affordable health care, a strong and totally rebuilt military,(with new ships and aircraft built in America), and deletion of over 2,000 illegal and unconstitutional presidential orders forced through by Obama.

Trump has an amazing agenda! Praise God! Everything I have been praying for.


And to think that all the dinosaur media in Canada and the US still keeps saying, Donald Trump has no agenda! What bullshit! What lies! CBC, CNN, Washington Post and the rest, are all paid off in millions, by George Soros and the globalist like, to lie constantly to the public, pushing their anti human agenda to the world.

But Trump will have to move quickly, before the democrats can stall him. They are still in shock and disarray. They were not prepared for a Trump win. They had it fixed, or so they thought. But they lost. Trump now has the power of the senate and congress. Pray for him. He must work his ass off to turn this around.


Starting on day one, Trump the workaholic went straight to work. He eliminated all mention of “global warming” from the US government website.  That’s a great start.

Next he should deport globalist puppet master George Soros for funding dozens of hate groups like Black Lives Matter and other violent protester groups, that were created to destabilize the country.  I say, Jail the violent protesters and deport George Soros immediately.


Thank you Obama for pushing the silent majority over the edge, but you’re all done now.  Your only legacy will be one of total digrace… and we’ll even try to forget that!

Trump is gonna kick ass and take names, and he’s already begun!

Satan and the demonic New World Order is on the run! Praise God!

Yeah God!

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