Focus on the Kingdom of God

Sometimes I get sucked in to thinking about politics and wars, and about what all the evil people are up to in the world, poisoning us with fluoride, killing us with chemo therapy, polluting our planet with Chem trails, and destroying our health with GMO’s and all the rest of it. Yuk.

But in Philippians, Paul tells us to set our minds on things that are above, like love, kindness, beauty, things that are lovely and of a good report. I think he’s talking about Jesus. We should be thinking about Him, then we will experience peace.

The world is full of nasty things, but God’s love still surrounds us.  We need to study the Word, and spend time with our heavenly father. These are the things that will bring us peace, and peace is all we need in the end, right?

Here’s a little audio file I made yesterday about this very topic.


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