Test from my Phone

I suppose I  can blog from my phone as well. Here’s a trial.  Just a few photos of  winter here.

Between minus 10 and minus 20 for the past week. That’s nasty for Salmon Arm. Must be global warming. (The inconvenient lie.)

Now I’ll try a short audio file which I’ll create now on my phone!

And now a fresh photo of my frozen view from the deck railing.


And now I’ll try to add a video clip from my phone files.

Yes I realize that’s an old clip from my Christmas blog.   It was handy.

So my test us complete. Wow. Word Press is an awesome platform. It allows me to post a complete blog in minutes.. from my smart phone. Boom.

Wow. All this convenient service for $ 117. CAD per year, and it includes my domain name and registration. No fuss no muss. Boy, it sure is better than the old days. I don’t have to “manage” anything… like the DNS stuff. One password only. I like it! And no ads to fight with, and no political policy to deal with like youtube.

And if I want to delete or change something.. I’m in and out I a moment. I have full control. I’m not wrestling with someone else’s agenda. No surprises like on Facebook.  And I have privacy.

The interface is seamless and simple. Almost no learning curve.

God bless.  Carry on. Have a great God filled day!

Go and BE JESUS to your world!

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