Calgary Christmas

Every Christmas I head to Calgary to visit old friends. The drive through the mountains is always awe inspiring, and this year was no exception. Major snow and slush on the highway turned the 6 hour drive into an 8 hour marathon, but I made it safely.

That’s me with Daisy. She loves to ride in the car. The other friend is pastor and evangelist Vihn. He is an amazing guy that travels to Vietnam and Malaysia every year, to set up new churches and lead people to Jesus. The stories he tells are amazing; (see Vietnamese children getting to school!) Vihn is such a man of faith! He has a Vietnamese ministry in Calgary as well, where he pastors a church every Sunday at 2 PM at the Valleyview Community Church .


Meet Vihn, the energetic pastor and evangelist who has founded 10 churches in Malaysia!


This is the First Baptist Church in Calgary, where I first landed when I arrived in Alberta as a brand new baby Christian with my backpack. I slept on a bench in the park across the street for one night; that was early July 1975!

The ‘Burning Bush coffee House’ was in the basement. I made many friends there who played guitar and sang about Jesus. It was the place I got established in my faith and fellowship with others who knew Jesus. What an exciting time it was for this skinny 20 year old boy!

Years later the Burning Bush morphed from a simple coffee house ministry, into the Mustard Seed. It became the City’s biggest full service street mission.

Pizza Bob’s!  Barrie and I had the opportunity to play our music at Pizza Bob’s Lounge in Calgary, it was a blast.  After covering about twenty songs in two sets, we finished off with a request from a pizza lover, Amazing Grace.  She came up on stage and sang along with us. Great fun.We also had the opportunity to pray with a few people after the show. I love it when love happens!

20161226_035655.pngAt Pizza Bob’s!   Me with Barrie and Bobby! You can see the stage in the background. Every year Barrie and I get to play some red neck country and blues on Pizza Bob’s stage!


© JJBLACK 2017


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