Be Jesus

Blog Numero Uno    Dec 30 2016, 5 am

Here I go!    Welcome to all my brothers and sisters in Christ! Ev in the Peg, Bruce in Peterborough, David in Kelowna, Dan on Auto Road,  Jane in Salmon Arm, Grant and Barrie in Calgary, Bernadette in Vancouver, Brennan in Cow Town, Brian in Sicamous, Greg in Victoria, Jan in Tappen, Ron in Saskatchewan, Rick in Lafleche, Bill in Malakwa, Stephen in N.S, Thomas in Charlotte, Joe in upstate NY, Bianca in Montreal, Dennis in Mexico, and Dave at the Sally Anne! Of course, there are a few more.  I treasure each one of you in my heart.

This blog is written for a few close friends of mine who are learning to KNOW JESUS intimately. My motivation, is to pass on the things that Jesus has taught me. When you get ‘this’ old, well, you can’t help but learn a few things, and I want to share them, in the hopes that they will help you have a smoother path to a victorious abundant life on this rough old ragged rock. Unlike the path I walked, it’s not necessary to learn the hard way.

Anyone else who may have stumble onto this page, is welcome to read along too.

It’s the end of another year, and I get to start all over in 2017.  My new years resolution? To go hard – publish loud and proud – expose my message to the world. That means sharing my life and my faith, and hopefully demonstrating how to have fun, while at the same time living with the understanding that,  I, WE, are Jesus to the world around us.

When Jesus went back to heaven, (forty days after walking the earth in his new glorified body), he said that He would send His Spirit down into believers, and teach us all things we needed to know, so that we could do all the stuff that He did during His 3 years of ministry on earth. We get to do things that Jesus did. (Read John 14 – 12 to 16).

By faith, in 2017, I’m gonna ‘BE JESUS’  all day long,  to all my neighbours, as I walk my dog, as I perform my tunes on stage,  as I create content for my online audience, and as I meet and interact with mankind anywhere in the next 12 months. It all begins with an awareness that I am no longer my own, I belong to God. He purchased me with his blood.  (1 Corinthians 6:20). Effectually then, by His Holy Spirit, I shall be able to imitate Jesus through my life.

I realize this concept is not an easy one to ‘get’, so I will address this topic often. That’s the main theme of my blog. What does it actually look like, to BE JESUS to the world?

As I build my new online presence, I’d love to hear from you. I’m hoping to share some stories about what it’s like to ‘Be Jesus’ to the world around me, including photos, travel stories, videos, and audio. Thanks for reading!

Be blessed in Jesus name!

Jerry Joe Black

(PS: The featured photo on this blog is one I shot from my balcony in Tappen BC. last summer. I love how the fog rolls in between the mountains and valleys.)


© JJBLACK 2017

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